Guys! don’t dismiss reflexology thinking it’s a spa treatment solely for women.

There is a common misconception that reflexology is a pampering treatment due to a lack of understanding of what reflexology is and how it can help. All complementary and alternative therapies can benefit men as well as women.

So why is reflexology such a great treatment for men? Well, life can be as big a juggling act for men as it is for women. Men get stressed, tired and run down too and can also feel anxious, low or depressed. We just might not admit it to ourselves or are not very good at talking about how we feel.

Handsome young man running across the bridge.

As for women, reflexology can really help men look after their mental health as it helps you to simply stop, clear away your worries and strengthen your mind to focus on the everyday goals and challenges that lie ahead.

The physical benefits of reflexology for men are numerous too. Reflexology triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which restores the body to a state of calm and provides deep relaxation. This in turn has a ripple effect, relaxing all the systems of the body from the digestive system, to the circulation, to the muscles. It also provides much needed support to probably the most neglected part of our body…our poor feet!

This focus on looking after the feet, like with my sporty female clients, can be a real positive for men who are active and whose feet bear the brunt of their fitness activities.

Reflexology could also help with back\neck\shoulder issues and sciatica common symptoms for office workers and people that drive long distances.

So, if you are a man considering reflexology why not give it a try. There’s nothing to lose from trying it out and you may be surprised at the benefits reflexology can bring.

Or if you have a man in your life…a partner, friend, brother, dad, colleague…who you think could benefit from some chill out time and a chance to reboot their system, why not suggest reflexology to them?